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Industrial property is a regulatory system which protects the distinctive signs and the innovation in the commercial and industrial activities and which is established with national and international laws and practice. It regulates the rights with regard to the protection of the distinctive signs of the products and services, the designs, the innovations and inventions in the industry by means of registration in the name of their proprietors. Thus, recognition, use and protection of the trademarks, patents, designs, utility models and other industrial property rights become possible, and continuation and efficiency of the commercial and industrial activities require specialist support. TURELS, providing services since 2001, has adopted efficient support and perfect service as principle. It has been the choice of numerous important entities seeking solutions in relation to industrial property issues by continuing to provide services with these targets since its establishment. It provides quality services with the in-house specialists and attorneys with the purpose of recognition and protection of industrial property rights. This staff serving to carry out various works, consist of the people who are competent and experienced in the relevant fields. The mentioned services which first started with the consultation for the purpose of recognition and protection of industrial property rights now cover registration and all other administrative operations in relation with trademark, patent, utility model, industrial design rights. Moreover, the operations in connection with the use and protection rights such as assignment, licensing, monitoring are also handled. The necessary legal proceedings with the purpose of recognition and protection of rights are filed and followed by the specialist attorneys at law before judicial authorities.

Our Team

Av. Meltem Şangüder Duzcu

Mordoğan F.E.K. Lisesi 1993
DokuzEylül Üniversitesi
HukukFakültesi 1997

Av. Adil Duzcu

Konya Anadolu Lisesi, 1995
Marmara Üniversitesi
Hukuk Fakültesi, 2001

Av. Banu Gamboa Salazar

Trabzon, 1976
Trabzon Lisesi, 1993
Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi
Hukuk Fakültesi, 1997

Av. Naciye Demir

Ankara, 1965
Keçiören Lisesi
Ankara Üniversitesi
Hukuk Fakültesi

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